NEPA Council
Training Resources
for trainers and trainees

Scoutmaster/Asst. Scoutmaster Training

The Scoutmaster Handbook*
Review of Indoor Training Sessions*
Guide to Safe Scouting (includes Youth Protection Guidelines)
How to Conduct a Scoutmaster Conference*
Journey To Excellence Info Site
Ed Allen's NEPA Outdoor Program Opportunities Slideshow**
Ed Allen's Regional Hiking Destinations
Unit Paperwork Forms
Training Youth Leaders in Your Troop*
Internet Rechartering Tutorial

Indoor Training Sessions Syllabus*
Indoor Session One Slideshow**
Indoor Session Two Slideshow**
Indoor Session Three Slideshow**
Video 1***
Video 2***
Video 3***
Video 4***
Video 5***
Video 6***
Video 7***
Video 8***
Video 9***
EDGE Method Slideshow**
Mark Diefenderfer's Membership Slideshow**
Steve McDonnell's Reflection Slideshow**
Steve McDonnell's Advancement Slideshow**
Mike Minnelo's Finances Slideshow**
Mike Minnelo's Program Planning Slideshow**
Unit Paperwork Slideshow**
Uniform Slideshow**

Introduction to Outdoor Skills Syllabus*
DCNR Local Plant Identification Slideshow**
DCNR Local Animal Identification Slideshow**
DCNR Tick Borne Disease Slideshow**
Bill Reynold's First Aid Slideshow**
Hiking/Backpacking Slideshow**
Cardboard Box Oven
Campout Menu Planner*
Campout Duty Roster*
Chaplain and Chaplain Aide Manual*
Religious Awards*

Troop Committee Member training

Troop Committee Challenge Syllabus*
Troop Committee Challenge slideshow**
Troop Committee Guidebook*
Membership Committee Guide*
Guide to Advancement*
Board of Review Training*
Troop Resource Survey*

Den Chief training

Den Chief Training Syllabus*
Den Chief Training Slideshow**

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***WMV files require a video viewing program be installed on the user's computer.

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If you would like a digital copy of any of the paper handouts that you received at your training session, just send an email to me, Bill Fiore, and I'll send it to you.