Hey Scouts!

Every Scout in Troop 251 and Pack 251 is invited to create their own website and post it on the "Scouting in Clarks Green" web server. Links will be established on this page to all web sites submitted by our Scouts.

It's easier than you might think to build your own web pages. You do not need to know HTML coding. Using Microsoft Word 2000 or Word XP, web documents can be created as easily as preparing a Word document for printing.

For those who want to code their own pages in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) free web authoring software is available for download from the internet. Most of the pages in the "Scouting in Clarks Green" website were composed using a free program called FirstPage 2000. FirstPage allows you to view the results of your HTML code as you write it. All kinds of short-cuts and wizards are included to help you learn more about using HTML as you build your own website. FirstPage is only one of several free web authoring programs that you can find if you search on-line.

Your personal website can be one page or several pages. Your site can be about you, one of your hobbies, or some topic of interest to you. You can include graphics and photographs. Be creative. Don't forget that building a website can fulfill one of the requirements for the Communications merit badge.

Mr. Fiore will be glad to give advice and assistance to anyone who asks. You can prepare the HTML files on your own computer and e-mail the files to Mr. Fiore, or hand deliver them on floppies or CDs.

Of course some material is not appropriate for pages linked to a Scout website. Words or pictures that promote or make light of drug, alcohol, or cigarette use will not be permitted. Material that expresses racial, sexual, or religious prejudice is not appropriate. No toilet humor.

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